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Spanking escorts in London

Spanking escorts in London are considered full service companions for the simple reason that they offer sexual services on top of the spanking sessions. The escorts are generally submissive and may enjoy other activities such as bondage, role-play, and other submissive or domination sexual games that may tickle your fancy.


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If you have never experienced a spanking session before and you simply wish to be
involved out of curiosity, our enthusiastic London escorts will guide you through the
process while starting slowly to acclimatize you to the erotic joys of skin stimulation in a
way that you will keep begging for more. Remember, everything that occurs during the
session is only performed by mutual consent – meaning the choice to continue or stop is entirely your decision.

Even if you decide to take a walk on this wild side to find out whether it is something you would enjoy, our skilled spanking escorts will help you and guide you every step of the way. It is standard practice for your chosen spanking escort to discuss with you her tastes and limits prior to the session - note that all escorts are different in terms of pain tolerance.

Some people view the power exchange that spanking provides to be an extremely erotic experience. Note that the ladies in this niche love to be dominated and they welcome other closely related activities such as chocking and deepthroating. Experience all the spanking fun and no consequences by spending your evening with the right escort tonight. We can easily match you with the right girl based on your desires.