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Watersports escorts in London

You have this unshakable yearning to experiment with watersports escorts in London
and you finally decide to give in to your desires. What does it involve? Contrary to
popular belief, it doesn’t mean that the babes enjoying diving, water skiing or other
related sports.


Ehh... None of the escorts meets your requirements.

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Watersports also known as WS or Water Games is a fetish that involves
the bodily fluid urine. While some people consider it a waste product expelled by the
body, others seem to cherish and value the flow and warmth.

WS escorts enjoy pissing on their clients and sometimes you may come across escorts
who love it when their companions urinate on them. While some slight variations may
exist, we encourage clients to communicate their WS preferences while booking girls.
WS companions are skilled and experienced in administering this wild fetish – whether
providing or receiving for their male clients. It is a niche area in the escorting industry
and can be particularly rewarding when performed with the right girl.

To fully relax and enjoy the experience, it’s advisable that you familiarise yourself with
the ground rules prior to commencing the act. You can both determine where the act will
take place in terms of the location and whether WS should occur above or below the
neck (people have different preferences).

Nothing compares to a gorgeous escort spraying you with her warm amber nectar. The hot watersports babes provide an unforgettable experience. Remember, the watersports escorts will gladly be your companion for an evening in, evening out, or anything in between.